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Sweat & Odor Protection Products

Our product line is basically divided into two parts. One part for people with light to moderate sweating and odor issues and the second part for those with moderate to heavy sweating and odor issues. Those products designated with an F are for light to moderate and those without the F are for moderate to heavy sweat and odor protection needs.

The F stands for our patented Fabrapel treatment which we alone apply to our fabrics making them water-resistant, stain-resistant and antibacterial to retard odor. No other company can offer Fabrapel or has a 3 way method for sweat and odor protection.

Fabrapel is a non-detectable, FDA approved, EPA approved treatment which creates a water-resistant barrier. Garments can then be machine washed and dried while still maintaining its characteristics of noiseless protection.

For moderate to heavy sweating, we use varying waterproof barriers including polyurethane films and nylon for a sturdy waterproof barrier which guarantees complete waterproof protection.

Kleinert’s products provide the natural way to block sweat, stains, and odor from unsightly staining of your outer clothing. Our products are the finest made products anywhere in the world and provide you with maximum comfort and styling to fit your discreet lifestyle needs.

  • Our products enhance thermoregulation and allow the body to breathe and cool down.
  • Our products are always discreetly and expertly designed.
  • Our products prolong the life of your favorite clothes.
  • Our products save you time and money on expensive dry-cleaning.
  • Our products enhance your self-esteem and confidence.
  • So get on with a better life with Kleinert’s.

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